Operation Organize

It’s the start of a new year, which means the start of new resolutions that we set and hope to achieve. I, for one, am not a terrific resolution keeper, but am going to strive to be successful this year in keeping the goals I hope to attain. Here are a few of Weswen Design’s 2013 resolutions:

While we are going to take them all seriously, there is one we are going to attack immediately (and maybe if we get started now, we can enjoy the fruits of our labor the rest of the year). Organization.

Knowing this was one of our big goals, and knowing it’s a common resolution for many people, we set out to make this one area a little easier on you. It all started on grocery shopping Sunday when we realized we needed a good notepad to jot down an organized list for our next trip to the store. Hence, our newest item in the Etsy shop was born—our grocery list notepad!

We’ve also created two other notepads for your doodling and jotting. Our to do list is the perfect accompaniment for your desk and should hopefully clear up some of the clutter of all those yellow post-it notes! Jot down your tasks by priority and be motivated by cute quotes to make the job easier too!

And, everyone wants a pretty place to write, so we designed our decorative oval notepad which will make any note look good!

These items are now available in our Etsy shop sold individually or as a trio! They are shiny and new, get yours today! Click on any of the images to take you to our Etsy shop, or click HERE. Hooray pretty organization!

And since we love our notepads so much, and think you will too, we are giving away TWO TRIO SETS! Just leave a comment telling us what your New Year’s Resolution is or which notepad is your favorite and two winners will be selected on Friday at 3pm! GO!