Save the Date 101

Congratulations! You have your bestie. You have your ring. You have about a billion wedding planning thoughts running through your mind…. now what? Wondering where to start with the paper portion of your wedding planning? We are here to help!

Welcome to….

…. answering all your burning questions about this one, little wedding detail!

First off, let’s clear something up right off the bat. If in the course of you working with your wedding stationer, you see an email that says something to the affect of “Your STD”… don’t freak. Us stationers, well us in particular, like to shorten the lovely save the date card to STD. It goes without saying why this could alarm some people, but no freak outs necessary, now you have the “in” on the lingo. Phew… now that we’ve cleared that up….

1. Do you have to send a save the date?

No! A save the date card is not mandatory, however, it’s a nice gesture in today’s busy world. Giving your guests a heads-up about your wedding date several months in advance allows people to plan around your special day to ensure they will be able to attend. If you’re not worried about giving people an advance notice of your wedding date, then don’t fret about them! However, if you want to be surrounded by ALL the people you love on your wedding day, it’s a nice way to let them know and plan.

2. How far in advance should you send them?

This question could be debatable. However, the advice we always give to our clients is as soon as possible! Once you know your date and venue (or at least the city!), pass along the information! Don’t worry if it’s 9+ months in advance. Remember, you’re doing your guests the favor of allowing them to be in the know for future planning purposes. The more time you give them, the more likely they will be to have that date available! Don’t be afraid to give your guests ample warning.

This is especially true if you are planning a destination wedding or know you will have many guests coming from out of town. The more time you can give people to plan, save, and make necessary arrangements and bookings, the better everyone will be. If your wedding falls into this category, focus on your save the date as soon as you know your date and location.

3. Who should receive a save the date? 

Simple answer: anyone whom you intend to invite to the wedding! Which means creating your guest list is a top priority in the beginning stages of planning.

4. How much should I budget? 

Every couple has a different budget to work with. Thus, you’re likely to see elaborate save the dates or something simple. We tell our clients to keep them simple. Our most popular save the date is a single or double sided card that is easily mailed. If you have one budget for all your wedding paper, which includes save the dates as well as your invitations AND day of paper goods like menus, programs and table cards, then keep your save the date simple. Since it’s such a preliminary and simple card, don’t allow it to suck too much money from the other, more important items. And it’s those items that you will want to be really special and make a statement. If you’re working with a good stationer, you can have a simple design created, printed and mailed for just a couple hundred dollars.

5. What if I don’t know my wedding colors, or design inspiration yet? 

That’s okay! More often than not, your save the date card probably won’t look remarkably like your invitation and day of paper goods. Often, they are created so far in advance that ideas and/or inspiration changes. It’s completely okay. And trust us, nobody will think your wedding is shabby when they look back and notice your save the date card has different colors than your wedding.

If you don’t have any ideas, that’s okay too! Talk to your stationer about what they might recommend. Also, if you’re interested in using a picture, maybe of you and your fiancé, or the location you were engaged, this is a great time to do it! These cards often get stuck on refrigerators and hang around a while, definitely make it something that people will want to see on a daily basis (i.e., your smiling face will always work!)

We are happy to answer any more of your burning save the date questions! Just leave a comment and we will follow up with you.

If you like the save the dates included here, they are all from the Maggie Collection which you can see HERE